The Waukesha Engine Historical Society, Inc (WEHS) began in 1992 by a group of employees who cared deeply about preserving the history of the company. We always welcome new members. Annual membership dues are $10.00. Make checks payable to the Waukesha Engine Historical Society, Inc.


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Ed Meidenbauer

S63 W23425 Townline Road

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WEHS is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit registered organization.

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Abel Garcia, Hal Geiger, Dale Healy, Kevin Hickey, Tom Hunstiger, Mary Kloss, Harry Munson, George Newton, Jenny Peters, Ivo Roberts, Rodney Schmidt, Charles Schmitt, John Schoenknecht, Rita Schroeder, Calvin Strohbeen, Randy Yardman



Ron Long (2018-2019)

Vice President

Bob Stachowicz (2018-2019)


Jane Hilt (2018-2019)


Ed Meidenbauer (2017-2018)

Board of Directors

Ron Becker (2017-2018)

Joe Derra (2018-2019)

Dave Kozlowski (2018-2019)

Donna Westphall (2018)


Rocky Schaefer

Assistant Curator

Ron Long


Dennis Tollefson

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