Biggest Fish Story Of All Time     (added June 2012)

(From: The Waukesha Motor News Bulletin-April 1938)


"We've just discovered that Waukesha took part in the biggest fish story of all time. One day last fall (1937), visitors to Coney Island Beach (NY) were astonished to see a tremendous hulk floating in with the tide. After some time, the great crowd, which gathered to speculate as to whether it was a capsized ocean liner or a sea monster, discovered that the visitor was merely a whale - a 70 tonner! It was dead, of course, but that doesn't make it any less a fish story. For "catching" a dead whale entails a lot of work. The problem was finally solved when a wrecker from the New York Department of Sanitation hauled the great giant up on shore so that it could be disposed of. And the truck was Waukesha powered ...with a 6-SRK, one of the 21 used by the department. Tie that you small time muskie catchers!"



Oct 2000


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