I. Dues
The dues per calendar year for all members shall be determined at the annual meeting.


II. Meetings

  1. Meetings of the Society shall normally be held on the first Monday of every month, with postponements agreed upon by the Directors when such conflict with holidays or other interferences. There shall be held an annual business meeting to elect new officers, to hear the annual financial report, and to hear other committee reports. This meeting shall be held each October.
  2. WEHS members may attend Board of Director meetings and participate in the discussions, if recognized by the President. They do not have voting privileges.

III. The Collection


Section 1. The chief purpose of the society is to collect and preserve Waukesha Engine data, literature and memorabilia including photos and hardware.  Donated items shall become the permanent property of the Society. Loaned items shall be in the custody of the Society, and the lender must sign a  card stating whether the item shall become a donated item to the Society or whether it shall revert to the estate of the lender upon demise of said lender. A supply of uniformly worded cards for this purpose shall be prepared and kept on file to cover all items on loan to the Society.


Section 2. While the collection may be stored on the premises of Waukesha Engine Division or its successors through its offer of such storage space, all items in the collection are to remain exclusively the property of the Society, which alone shall determine their destiny.


Section 3. In the event that duplicate items are received for the collection beyond requirements for possible multiple displays, the Directors shall be empowered to use such duplicate surplus items for trading toward other desired items, or otherwise follow the wishes of donors.


Section 4. Volunteers, at the direction of the Board, shall organize files, send out manuals take care of displays and do whatever is necessary to maintain the Society's artifacts.


July 22,2017


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