The Fawick Flyer      (added July 2006)

1910 Fawick Flyer

First Four-door car built and powered by a Waukesha

The Fawick, built in Milwaukee, WI and Sioux Falls, SD was probably the first car to have front doors.  Prior to that time, some two seat cars had doors with hinges and latches for the convenience and safety of rear seat passengers, but such obstructions up front were considered impractical, so the sides were cut low at the point to give the driver and his seat mate easy entrance and exit.  Thomas L. Fawick built his first four door car in 1910 and he powered it with a Waukesha Model A four cylinder engine built in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  When Theodore Roosevelt visited Sioux Falls that autumn, a four door Fawick was chosen to meet the president at the station and lead the parade through the city. 




The car had a hand formed aluminum body built in Milwaukee, WI by the Charles Abresch Company, a frame built to Fawick’s design by the A. O. Smith Company, and an engine built by Waukesha Motor Company.  He recalls visiting an old stone building on North Street (Waukesha) to see the engine tested.  “It was not well lighted, but I could hear the engine was exceptionally quiet.”  Fawick first considered calling his new car the Silent Sioux.  However, he changed his mind and named it the Fawick Flyer, a name retained for all later models.


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