Waukesha Model Designations 1963 to mid-1980's     (added January 2015)

A January 2013 WEHS article (Model Designations 1906 - 1963) explained the Waukesha engine model designation schemes from 1906 to 1963. This article deals with the engine model designation scheme introduced circa 1963.


The 1963 engine model designation scheme consisted of a letter designating the number of cylinders, followed by the approximate displacement of the engine, either in cubic inches or liters, followed by suffix letters indicating various configurations of the engine. The letters used to indicate the number of cylinders was based on the numeric location of the letter in the alphabet, whereby:

D = 4 cylinder

F = 6 cylinder

H = 8 cylinder

L = 12 cylinder

P = 16 cylinder

Earlier engines used cubic inches for displacement and more recent engines used liters.


The suffix letters that followed the engine's displacement are the same as was used previously and their meanings are explained in the previous article about model designation schemes. See: (Model Designations 1906 - 1963).


The following engine models were re-designated in 1963.


Old Designation New Designation
140 F554
145 F817
180 D155
185 F265
190 F283
195 F310
6WAK F1197
6NKR F1905
6LRO F2894
6LRZ F3520
VLR L5788


The 1963 model designation scheme was used until the mid-1980's when deviations from it began to be used.


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