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Waukesha Model Designations 1963 to mid-1980's     (added January 2015)

The 1963 engine model designation scheme consisted of a letter designating the number of cylinders, followed by the approximate displacement ...


When Was It Built?     (added July 2013; modified September 2013)

One of the questions we most often get is "When was my engine built?" In this series of articles we will try to answer that question for you...


When Was It Built?
    From 1906 to 1931    (added July 2013)
    From 1932 to 1944    (added September 2013)
    From 1945 to 1965    (added November 2013)
    From 1966 to 1983    (added January 2014)


Is It A Waukesha?      (reissued with additional information May 2013; updated September 2013)

Antique engine restorers occasionally come across an old engine without a name plate, or any other identification to indicate the manufacturer. Old Waukesha engines can be identified by ...


Basic Part Number to Model Cross Reference Lists
    Part Numbers 800 to 49000      (updated September 2013)
    Part Numbers 60000 to 136000    (updated September 2013)
    Part Numbers 140000 to 222000    (updated September 2013)
    Part Numbers 223000 to 960000    (updated September 2013)


Engine Nameplate Specification Numbers     (added March 2013)

The Waukesha Engine Historical Society is often asked about the meaning of the suffix numbers and letters stamped after the model designation on some older engine nameplates...


Waukesha Model Designations     (added January 2013)

From 1906 to 1963 Waukesha used three different engine model designation schemes. ...


Waukesha-Hesselman      (added March 2012)

What are they and why were they made?

The WAUKESHA-HESSELMAN OIL ENGINE featured fuel injection and spark ignition which gave it a multi-fuel capability. It was designed by Jonas Hesselman and was built by WAUKESHA MOTOR COMPANY from 1932 until ...


History of the Waukesha VHP Series of Engines      (added August 2011)

The history of the VHP series of engines begins in the oil fields of East Texas in the early 1920's. Waukesha Motor Company was instrumental in introducing multi-cylinder internal combustion engines to replace the large and cumbersome steam engines. ...


Parts and Service Manuals     (added July 2006)

We routinely receive requests from collectors for a parts or service manual for an old, out of production engine. It could be an old Oliver tractor, an early automobile or a military vehicle being restored and a service manual for the engine is desired. ...


The serial number of Waukesha engine’s are very important. It is possible to ascertain the exact model number, date of manufacture, parts listing when the engine was assembled at the factory, checking the service history of a particular engine, ...







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