Waukesha is unique in that its employees, retirees, and other interested people are dedicated to preserving Waukesha Engine’s history by organizing and maintaining a historical society.  The Waukesha Engine Historical Society, Inc. is a non-profit registered organization that operates a museum inside the company facilities.  This tour will show you restored engines, memorabilia displays and engine and plant photographs that represent the thousands of hours invested by society members who built and maintain the museum.  It is self-supporting through it’s membership dues and other contributions.


To start your tour please click the Museum's door (center door) below or the Start Tour button on the menu to the right. You can pan left or right around our museum using the menu buttons. When you see something of interest you can Click on it to see a close up view of it. Once you view the close up you may also view additional close ups of items by Clicking on elements in the thumbnails on the lower right of your screen. You may also Double Click on those thumbnails to open a new browser window of just that object. You may then view it full screen with the ability to magnify it further.


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