Did you know ... Waukesha Engine Division Firsts     (added July 2011)

1906 First Engine Model A ( 4 cyl.)
1906 First Marine Engine Model AM
1912-1915 First High Production Engines Models M, N, P, R
1915 First Engine With a Cylinder Head Model T
1924 First 6-cyl Engine Model 6A
1924 Highest Production Engine Model X series
1929 First Fuel Research Engine Model CFR
1930 First Diesel Model DWL ( 4 cyl)
1932 First Hesselman Engine Model VIH
1933 First (and only) Steam Engine Model S-4
1934 First Single-cyl engine Model "Ice Engine"
1934 First 6-cyl. Diesel Model 6D-100
1938 First 2-cyl. Engine (air cooled) Model 150
1940 First Hesselman Marine Engine Model 6NKHM
1943 First V-12 Engine Model 170 (Experimental for Navy)
1944 First Kerosene Engine Model 180KL
1947 First Diesel Marine Model 6WAKDM
1949 First 9.375 Bore Engine Model 6LRZ
1952 First Turbocharged Diesels Models 135 DKBS, 6WAKDS
1954 First Production V -12 Model VLRO
1957 First Climax Engine by WED Model V 122, 125 and others
1958 First LeRoi Engine by WED Model H844 and others
1962 First Turbocharged Gas Engine Model F1905GSI
1962 First Gas Turbine Model T400L
1963 First Cerlist by WED Model 3
1967 First Waukesha V8 Model H1077D
1970 First Ford Marine Engine by WED Model 302 series
1971 First Scania Engine By WED Model D317D
1978 First Standardized VR Engines Models VR220, 330
1984 First Sulzer Engine by WED Model 16V-AT25D
1987 First Guascor Engine by WED Model F18DS



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