History of Packaging Waukesha Engines     (added July 2016)

Industrial history in Waukesha


1917 Produces “Class B”

military truck engines used in World War I

1929 Produces CFR prototype engine for standardizing grades of fuel

1967 The VHP (Very High Power) series of engines goes into production highlighting rich-burn engine technology

1906 1917 1929 1935 1967


1906 Waukesha Motor Company incorporates with $25,000




1935 Begins production on the Railway Ice Engine that provided AC and electric power for passenger rail service






1982 2001 2010 2011 2013  


1982 Pioneers landfill gas use as engine fuel


2001 The Engine System Manager (ESM) control system is released


2010 Introduces the new generation of high performance 275GL+ Series for gas compression applications


2011 GE acquires Dresser, Inc. – Waukesha becomes part of Power & Water’s Gas Engines business segment


Launch of MobileFlex – Waukesha’s EPA certified engine

GE announces in Jakarta, the Distributed Power business comprised of Aeroderivative gas turbines, Jenbacher gas Engines and Waukesha gas engines

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