God's Town      (added October 2011)

(Edited from: The Waukesha Motor News bulletin of April 1938)


There is nothing like the desert heat to make one appreciate the advantages of the Waukesha Railway Ice Engine. And since his recent trip to the West Coast, Mr. Melcher is certain of it. (Ed. Note: Mr. Melcher was the manager of the Waukesha Motor Co. Railway Division that began operations in 1935. The division manufactured engine powered refrigeration and air conditioning units that were mounted beneath railroad cars to provide it refrigeration, or in the case of passenger cars, air conditioning. They were known as Waukesha Railway Ice Engines). It seems that on a jaunt from Los Angeles to Houston, Mr. Melcher was informed that one of the train's stewards was a Waukesha booster and not to be surprised if the steward stopped by to talk sometime during the trip. And, sure enough, a little later he looked up from his book to see a train steward alongside him.


"Are you the Waukesha man?" was the query.


"Yes, what can I do for you?" answered Mr. Melcher


"Well I just wanted to talk with somebody from God's town, that's all."


"What do you mean, God's town?"


"Well, sir, that's what I call Waukesha. I've been crossing this desert for about twenty eight years now, and 'it's been powerful hot sometimes. But now we've got the Waukesha Railway Ice Engine, and with the White Rock spring water, we are cool and comfortable all the time. And I figure that any town that can make two such nice things, must be God's town!"


(Ed. Note: The White Rock spring water was bottled in Waukesha.)



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