The Waukesha Connections Introduction     (added August 2013)

While browsing the Internet I have noticed questions and misinformation about the various lines of engines that Waukesha acquired over the years to fill in its product line and are no longer in production.


This is the introduction to a series of six articles about these various lines of engines. It includes:

  1. Fuller and Johnson; See WEHS Article: Fuller & Johnson Connection
  2. Climax; See WEHS Article: Climax Connection
  3. LeRoi; See WEHS Article: LeRoi Connection
  4. Williams Research; See WEHS Article: Williams Research Connection
  5. Cerlist Diesel; See future WEHS Article: Cerlist Diesel Connection
  6. Pleasurecraft Marine; See future WEHS Article: Pleasurecraft Marine Connection

In 1968 the Bangor Punta Corp. gained control of the Waukesha Motor Co. In 1974, the company was sold to Dresser Industries, and the Motor Works, as the locals still call called it, became Dresser's, Waukesha Engine Division. Within a year Dresser decided to discontinue engine lines that they deemed not profitable enough, including some of the acquired engine lines. By 1989, all the acquired engines lines had been discontinued. In 2011, General Electric bought the company which is now known as GE Power & Water, Waukesha gas engines.


The Waukesha Engine Historical Society (WEHS) was founded in 1992 and began to collect and preserve old company records, including the records of these engine lines. By that time some of the records had already been scattered and some lost, and the records that the WEHS does have consists mostly of service manuals and parts lists.


And as a reminder to engine restorers --- WEHS does not have, nor get involved in searching for, service parts for these or other old Waukesha engines.


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